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When You Say “I Do” – A Marriage Preparation Course Testimony

Image of When You Say “I Do” – A Marriage Preparation Course Testimony

The Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Programme (PREP) is an evidence-based marriage and relationship education course that is backed by 30 years of research. At Fei Yue Community Services, our marriage preparation courses not only benefit soon-to-be-weds and newly-weds, but also any committed couples who hope to build lasting relationships. In this course, couples are guided by our trained marriage coaches on how to maintain healthy-functioning relationships and prevent the development of any serious issues.

Despite the many challenges 2020 had to offer, several couples participated in our 12-hour PREP course to better prepare themselves for the matrimonial journey ahead of them. Wide-eyed and full of hope, all of them were eager to learn how to foster a strong relationship to safeguard themselves against the inevitable strains of modern life.

Jeff and Chae Huah, a couple who attended our course in December 2020, learned new skills and knowledge to practise in their own relationship.  Chae Huah shared, “The course really gave us the space to get to know each other better and prepare us for future challenges.” Zhang Lei and Xiao Jun had similar sentiments. After joining this course, Zhang Lei learnt about an indispensable quality a relationship should have.  “Now, I have gained a new insight: to always have forgiveness within me. It takes a lot more courage and love to forgive the person whom you love most.”

Nicholas and Hui Ying, another participating couple, had a wonderful experience learning from our marriage coach, Mr. Arthur Ling. Through the hours spent going over the course material, they forged a bond with Mr. Ling as well. To show their appreciation to him and the PREP team, the lovely couple delivered a Christmas gift box for everyone to enjoy. With such expressions of gratitude, marriage coaches like Mr. Ling are also encouraged and motivated to continue providing meaningful support to couples seeking guidance.

With our team of competent and compassionate marriage coaches, Fei Yue Community Services aim to provide our support and guidance for all couples through their marriage journey. Planning for marriage is more than just preparing for a wedding.  “A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make, and you have to keep on making it.” – Gary L. Thomas

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Written by Andrea Marilyn Rajindran, Programme Officer