About Us

Who we are

Family Central is a service by Fei Yue Community Services. We believe in building strong families as they are the very foundation of a thriving society. We provide a gamut of family life programmes that reaches out to every single member in the family.

To encourage seniors to maintain active lifestyles, we offer a wide variety of programmes to promote lifelong learning, healthy living, social networking and inter-generational bonding. We believe that learning never stops.

Join us to enrich your life and learn about the rich learning opportunities available to you in Family Central.

What we want to see

Keeping the family intact and together in good and bad times.

What we offer

Our programmes address issues in parenting, marriage, growing up and growing old. We regularly conduct workshops, seminars and bonding activities for families. We aim to bring our programmes closer to you.

To find out more, call us at 9685 4812 or email to [email protected] today.

The 5Cs of Family

  • Care

  • Concern

  • Commitment

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution