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整天在家是否会感到无聊? 让我们一起观看这些短片!

3-Step Breathing Exercise

Are you easily overwhelmed? Watch this 3-step relaxation exercise you can practice to alleviate your stress and bring back your best self. This can be a family exercise and is suitable for all ages. If you’re a parent, you can teach your children these steps to manage their exam stress, while teenagers can learn to practice on their own.

What is the mood of your marriage?

Many couples in conflict mistake money issues, in-law problems and parenting woes – as the main problem weighing down their marriage.

Watch to find out what are the three core aspects of their relationship couples ought to address!



又或许,您已经在教导和管教子女的压力下抓狂了? 别慌! 欢迎您即刻观赏《父母被抓狂了吗?》!

Meditative Mindfulness starts from the soles of your feet!

Watch this simple to follow demonstration of the ‘soles of feet’ meditation to experience the calmness of embracing the present!


飞跃执行主任凌展辉凭借27年的辅导经验,具体分析夫妻在沟通中常有的谬误,并分享有效的沟通技巧, 及建议怎样才能更容易了解对方言語背后的含意。

Effective Communication With Teens

Exasperated at how your child doesn’t seem happy? How you can support your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing? In the multi-part video series, Evelyn Khong, senior Family Life Educator, covered a range of topics enriching your parenting knowledge and skills. Enjoy the bite-sized learning here!

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