The Arts Market

About us

The Arts Market Project was set up by Family Central, a service by Fei Yue Community Services. Beginning in 2016, it is Singapore’s first arts academy for seniors. Since the opening of our new centre at Tampines in February 2018, we are now offering a variety of exciting courses and learning opportunities in music, visual arts, creative arts and new arts for the young and young-at-heart.

The Arts Market (TAM) offers a holistic education through our E3 approach of Experience, Extend and Excel. Through TAM, we hope seniors’ lives can be enriched through arts and eventually use their talents to benefit the community. We are also proud to announce that our drawing and painting classes are supported by Faber-Castell products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality products of writing, drawing, colouring and creative design.


To provide the community with quality art education, promote inter-generational arts to strengthen generational bonding and at the same time, alleviate stress, stimulate imagination and creativity in the community.


  • To use art to engage and create a vibrant environment for the local community

  • To provide a platform for aspiring seniors to experience different forms of arts and to showcase their artistic talents

  • To attract greater support to grow inter-generational bonding art projects with schools and the community

Ongoing Programmes

The Arts Market (TAM) is a service provider under the National Silver Academy (NSA) and we are committed to bringing lifelong learning opportunities to seniors.

Our courses are not limited to:

  • Electronic Keyboard courses

  • Acoustic Guitar courses

  • Ocarina & Harmonica courses

  • Drawing courses (Charcoal Drawing/Portrait Drawing/Basic Drawing)

  • Painting courses (Acrylic/Watercolour/Chinese Ink)

  • Calligraphy courses (Modern/Traditional)

  • Leathercraft ccourses

  • Decoupage courses

  • Grooming/Make-up courses

Please find the latest list of available courses here.

Opportunities for Collaboration

The Arts Market (TAM) aims to empower seniors through lifelong learning, equip them with the artistic skills and provide platforms for them to showcase what they have learnt and contribute to the community. Opportunities include showcases, conducting workshops, performing at events and sharing their talents with others that can benefit from their contributions.

We are open to collaboration opportunities with community-based organisations such as community clubs, residents’ committees, grassroot organisations as well as educational institutions such as pre-schools, schools, tertiary institutions and other social service agencies. If you have a cause that we can share, we can bring together our resources and make an even bigger impact!

Contact us at [email protected] or call 6588 7838 for more information.

The Art Shoppe

Support our seniors by checking out the art products made by our very own seniors who have picked up a new craft or upskilled themselves through our courses! On top of that, we also provide a variety of art products – among which you can further your hobby, beautify your home or take home a unique gift for your loved ones.

Walk in to our centre or visit us on Carousell to view what’s on sale!


Blk 316, Tampines St 33
Singapore 520316

Operating hours:

Tel:6588 7838