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Building a Lasting Relationship – A Marriage Preparation Course Testimony

Image of Building a Lasting Relationship – A Marriage Preparation Course Testimony

The Prevention & Relationship Education Programme (PREP) is a marriage preparation programme that uses proven strategies derived from cognitive behavioural couples therapy that aims to share its research about commitment and relationship development. Designed to guide couples into maintaining healthy, functioning relationships and preventing the development of serious issues, PREP teaches communication-oriented skills essential for healthy relationships.   There will be a complimentary PREPARE ENRICH Assessment Tool for each couple after completion of the programme.

At Fei Yue Community Services, we offer the 12-hour PREP groupwork to committed couples, especially soon-to-weds and newlyweds. The programme has been well-received with encouraging feedback by the participants.   Many who have joined this programme to better prepare themselves for their marriage journey agreed that the work started even before the solemnisation! They joined us with an eagerness to learn and leave with a healthy and inspired outlook for their relationship, equipping themselves with practical knowledge and skills for life-long marriage.

One of our PREP couples, Yee Chwan and Yi Jun, believe that the course greatly benefited them and revealed new relationship concepts for them to take home. Yee Chwan shared, “Our experience was great. We learnt new insights about our relationship that we would not have come across if we had not attended the course.”

Another couple, Bridget and Tyler, also discovered new things about each other through PREP. “It helped both of us learn more about ourselves and how to relate to each other. The course gave us objective information on who and how partners and relationships are in reality. Participating in the course also taught us how to put our best efforts into growing with and learning from each other,” expressed Bridget.

With our team of passionate and qualified marriage coaches, Fei Yue Community Services aims to provide our support and guidance for all couples through their marriage journey. Planning for a marriage is more than just preparing for a wedding.

“Marriage is a huge investment: of time, of energy and of emotion. Protect and keep contributing to your investment.” – Karen Gordon

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Written by Andrea Marilyn Rajindran, Programme Executive, Fei Yue Community Services