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From Stubborn Toddler to Thoughtful Child – a Positive Parenting Programme testimony

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Triple P – the Positive Parenting Programme – is designed to equip parents with useful skills, techniques, and knowledge to be better mothers and fathers. It is an evidence-based programme that is renowned in helping to reduce difficult behaviour in children, strengthening the parent-child relationship, and improving parenting competencies. At Fei Yue, Triple P is delivered by our dedicated parenting support team with professional experience in supporting parents every step of the way.

Ms Wong, mother to 3-year-old Teddy, was a participant of the Triple P.  She shares her parenting journey and how this programme has effected positive change for her family.

It has been two months since Ms Wong completed Triple P. One of the clearest signs of progress she has observed in her three-year-old son, Teddy, was that he developed the capacity to self-regulate.

Prior to the programme, Teddy threw frequent tantrums as he struggled coping with the presence of his younger brother, coupled with frustrations with communication typical for his age. For Ms Wong, managing Teddy was an uphill task. Not only was she stressed out by Teddy’s behaviour, she faced pressure from people around her to use harsher approaches to deal with his behaviour.

Ms Wong appreciated that Fei Yue’s parent coach had, from the outset, listened to her situation with sensitivity, seeking to better understand the temperament of her child and her home context.

With some targeted advice from the coach, Ms Wong learned how to successfully implement an effective quiet time with Teddy. This was a transformative turning point, which saw Teddy learn how to calm himself down. Another new tool was the behaviour chart. Although Ms Wong was initially skeptical about this initiative, it did not take long for her to realise how useful it was for affirming Teddy’s good behaviour. Soon, the family saw a drastic decline in Teddy’s misbehaviour and the need to implement quiet time. Teddy was able to self-correct his behaviour with brief prompts or reminders.

Fei Yue Community Services’ team of empathetic and competent parent coaches have helped over 100 parents in individual and group sessions in 2020.  Parenting need not be a challenge if we know the right ingredients to a strong nurturing parent-child relationship. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

Written by Madeline Tan.