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Family Life Education Talks for the Community

Image of Family Life Education Talks for the Community

Are you a community-based, social service or religious organization?

We have developed a variety of workshops and programmes to help equip and empower your beneficiaries. Our audiences are not limited to couples, parents and individuals and we aim to help these groups develop knowledge and skills in communication, problem-solving and emotional management.

Target Audience

  • Family Life Programmes for Individuals, or as a Family

  • Marriage Programmes for Couples

  • Marriage Preparation Course for Couples, Soon-to-weds and Newlyweds.

  • Parenting & Bonding Programmes for Parents with Children/Teens

  • Personal Work Life Effectiveness Programmes for Working Adults

Programme Design

  • Duration ranges from 1 to 2 hours (flexible)

  • Interactive Discussion, Bonding Activities, Self -Reflective Activities

  • Online / Onsite available

<Family Life Programmes & Workshops>

Strategies for Family Bonding [1 – 2hrs]

Good families don’t just happen. Intentional, meaningful interaction that results in strong family ties needs to be learnt and applied. If you want your family to be stronger, more supportive of each other, nurturing and warm; if you want a family that knows how to enjoy each other and love through the ups and downs of life, then come to “Strategies for Family Bonding”. Clear and practical pointers will be discussed that can help you build a family that is able to not only survive but flourish in the 21st century”.

Building Harmonious Intergenerational Relationships [1 – 2hrs]

The Chinese has an old saying, “家和万事兴”, which can be translated as “a harmonious family brings about prosperity for the family”. Even though it is an age-old adage, this saying is especially true in our modern Singapore with an ageing population.  This workshop discusses (i) the common issues faced by families; (ii) how relationships work at a deeper level; (iv) and finding a BRIDGE to prevent and manage these issues.

“Sorry Not Enough” The 5 Languages of  Apology [1.5 – 2hrs]

Ever wondered why a simple apology is not sufficient for those who have been hurt or offended? This seminar explains the cycle of unreconciled relationships and what it takes to reconcile the important relationships in your life. Learn about the five different languages of apology and find out how you can repair and restore fragmented relationships in your life.

Fun with Nagomi Art at home [1.5hrs] – for parent + child, siblings, couples

Create beautiful Nagomi artwork with your partner or child using only pastels, your fingers and a little imagination. Afterwards, sit back and learn how to strengthen family relationships through creating sharing memories.

Build Supportive Family relationships [1.5hrs] – for parent + child

The “new normal”, has brought families closer together as we WFH. With this comes the challenges of being “too close for comfort”, which can put a strain on family relationships. To build and strengthen our relationships is key to keeping the family together and going during tough times.  Join us and discover how we can do just that with our loved ones.

<Marriage Programmes/Workshops>

Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Programme (PREP) – Online [12hrs]

PREP is an evidence-based marriage and relationship education programme backed by 30 years of research! The programme not only benefits soon-to-weds and newly-weds but also benefits any committed couples who hope to build lasting relationships.

View available classes or register here.

Together Forever – Online [5hrs]

Everyone hopes to be together forever when we walk down the aisle on the wedding day but statistics tell us that divorces are increasing in Singapore, most within the first 5-10 years. How do we avoid the potholes in marriage and prepare ourselves for the realities of married life?

View available classes or register here.

Customized Marriage Preparation Programme – Online [5hrs]

This is a customised programme to suit each couple’s needs. Couples meet with our counsellor for a 1-to-1 session to discuss and explore relevant topics specific to each couple. Prior to your session, each of you will participate in an online PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment tool. This will help couples to know where to begin in developing relationship skills.

Find out more or register here.

Married and Loving it [1 – 2hrs]

Married, and Loving It brings couples through the research and work of Dr John & Julie Gottman, exploring the intricacies of achieving a happy marriage. Through practical and applicable tips, couples will be able to easily put to practice what they have learnt in class in their daily interactions.

Weather-Proof Your Marriage [1 – 2hrs]

All marriages experience cycles of highs and lows. There will be good days when the sun is out, and all is bright and rosy but there are also stormy days when we are upset to the point of anger or hatred. There are also days when it is hazy or cloudy; where we only feel a sense of obligation and a fleeting feeling of tenderness for one another.

Identify the relationship toxins which when left unchecked can blow your marriage apart. Pick up valuable insights that explain why the way we respond can sometimes elicit strong reactions from our spouse.

Managing In-Law Relations [1 – 2hrs]

Have you ever found yourself torn between your parents and spouse? The way nuclear family members form attachments and deal with intimacy, conflicts, power and control, mirror in some extent their family of origin and patterns of interaction. Unresolved issues in family of origin can cause symptomatic behaviour in our family relationships. Learn how to avoid triangulation, enmeshment as we navigate our relationships with our spouse, children and in-laws and create healthy boundaries that will lead to more positive family interactions.

Happy Couple: Keys to Keep Your Relationship Healthy [1 – 2hrs]

The biggest difference between happy and unhappy couples is not that happy couples do not have conflicts, but that happy couples are constantly working at equipping themselves with more effective communication and conflict resolution strategies. Every couple can learn and be equipped with these skills. In this workshop, you will learn about what research has shown to be the 4 danger signs during conflict that lead to the breakdown of relationship and erode trust and intimacy, how you can identify these danger signs, and how you can effectively minimize the impact of these danger signs with 2 simple and proven strategies that will immediately turn your conflict around!

亲密二人舞 [1.5 – 2小时]

1) 建立一个具有“安全感”的互动空间

<Parenting & Bonding Programmes/Workshops>

Game On! Parenting Online and Video Gaming (Children & Adolescents) [2hrs] – for parent + child

A 2019 worldwide survey showed that Singaporeans were rated first in spending the most time playing video games compared with other gamers in Asia. Globally, we were rated third coming behind United States and Germany. Indeed, video and online gaming have evolved to be a mainstream popular activity for leisure and bonding. Game design and competitive gaming or Esports are now lucrative industries where many children, adolescents and young adults aspire to develop their careers in. Yet, the reality for many parents is that they view online and video gaming as a bane rather than a boon. They struggle to manage their children and adolescents gaming behaviours. They utter in frustration that their children and adolescents are addicted! This webinar hopes to enlighten and empower parents through the personal gaming as well as cyber wellness counselling and mentoring experiences of the speaker.

Through this workshop, parents will level up by
a) gaining understanding of the motivations behind online and video gaming,
b) understanding the trends and development in online and video gaming,
c) learn practical handlers to manage their children’s and adolescents’ gaming behaviors.

Managing Sibling Rivalry -Help Your Children to Get Along [1.5 – 2hrs]

Do you sometimes feel more like a referee than a parent? Sibling rivalry is a complex issue that does not have an easy answer. If you find your children becoming jealous of one another, competing and fighting with each other most of the time, this competition if left unchecked can sow the seeds of a lifetime of a negative interaction patterns. As parents, what are some practical things we can do to mitigate this. Learn practical tips that can help you ease sibling rivalry and manage sibling rivalry between children.

Train Your Child to Focus [1.5 – 2hrs]

A child whose attention gets stolen easily from distractions has a harder time completing tasks. As adults, we know how frustrating it may be to be interrupted repeatedly. In a world constantly conspiring to steal our attention, we need to know how to teach our children how to do attention management. We can do so by learning how to handle different triggers and knowing how to engage our child’s resilience. Managing attention can take place in any daily setting. Come and discover the ways to help your child understand their distractions, manage their triggers, and maximize their focus to learn better and play better.

Strategies to Engage a Tech Savvy Generation [1.5 – 2hrs]

Technology has changed the way we play, socialize and interact with each other. How much screen time is appropriate for our children or teen? Should our children or teen be allowed to have social media accounts? How can we engage them despite digital distractions and coach them to deal with the hidden dangers of “chat groups?” Learn how to engage our children and teens to set realistic and reasonable boundaries on their use of devices. Help them understand the science behind multi-tasking and how to maintain a healthy self-concept in the face of deal cyberbullying or rejection.

4 Pillars to Raise Happy and Successful Kids [1.5 – 2hrs]

Ever wonder what is the single most important thing you can do for your children to help them succeed and be happy? Over 50 years of research has the answer for parents: how you approach the parent-child relationship. In this workshop, you will learn the 4 pillars in the parent-child relationship based on brain science research and understanding of child’s needs that will form the building blocks for your child’s healthy development, making them feel safe, seen, soothed, and secure. It doesn’t take a lot of time, energy, or money. Children will develop confidence and ultimately self-reliance. They learn how to manage their own feelings and behaviors, enabling them to flourish and thrive.

Intelligence of Your child – Nature or Nurture [1 – 2hrs]

All parents want their child to be successful in life. Being intelligent is important to be successful. Is intelligence of our child nature or nurture? Every child is special. This talk aims to help you discover your child’s special traits and tips on developing your child intelligence.

<Work-Life Effectiveness for Working Adults>

Nurturing your Inner Life [1.5 – 2hrs]

When our inner lives are off balance, we are more vulnerable to stress. Inner Life is the realm of our thoughts, values, emotions, fantasies, spiritual practices and life purpose. It affects our psychological, mental and physical health.  When we lose the capacity to regulate, channel and focus our energies our personal relationships can suffer.  In this talk, learn the effects of needs and expectations and how to break the negative cycle of feelings, perceptions and actions and work towards a congruent self.

Positive Psychology: the Science of Happiness [1 – 2hrs]

This talk aims to raise participants’ awareness of positive psychology activities (PPA) that increases personal well-being and understanding of how they can achieve better work-life flow through practicing PPA. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. PPA are activities that increase well-being by promoting positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

PPA has been found to be effective in reducing depressive symptoms and increasing well-being. The talk will introduce participants to a few simple PPA that they can self-practice to increase their well-being and attain better work-life flow.

Building Personal Margins [1.5 – 2hrs]

In today’s world of instant access to information, incessant streaming of entertainment, proliferation of mobile devices and wireless network and 24 x 7 communication, we are in danger of being too busy. The world is demanding more and more of us but there is only one of us. Our bosses expect us to maximize our “talents”, and our family is getting the shorter end of our time and energy. We are overloaded. What we need is margin. In this program, we will learn what is Margin and the impact of a margin-less life, and cultivate 4 Margins in our lives – Emotional Energy, Physical Energy, Time, Finances.

Get Your Jenga On – Personal Work-life [1 – 2hrs]

In our current world, where COVID-19 has struck us, the balance between work and life is intermesh. Boundaries have been broken and most of us are confused in living the new norm. Let’s explore why work-life balance is important, the negative effects if it is not achieved and what you can do, to achieve a clearer work-life balance and a better you.

Keys to Emotional Resilience [1 – 2hrs]

How you feel can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, your relationships, and your overall mental health. How you react to your experiences and feelings can change over time. Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. This talk enables participants to become more aware of their emotional wellbeing needs and develop key skills to promote emotional well-being and provide basic support to someone who is down.

Beating Burnout [1 – 2hrs]

Do you feel that you need a good holiday break away from work? Do you feel overloaded with work? Do you think about work at home or do think about home at work? Do feel like your battery is running low and need charging?   If you answered yes, you are like everyone else, any job can be stressful at time, even if you love what you do. On top of work, home and life can be stressful too, parenting kids, caring for elderly parents, etc. Stress may be good in motivating us to perform better but prolonged or excessive stress can lead to burnout. In this talk, we will explore practical tips to deal with stressful situations.

Communication – Your Way To A Better Workplace [1 – 2hrs]

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Effective communication is the key to get you to where you want to be in your life. Communication is an essential skill for successful business and personal relationships. It has the power to destroy, or build relationships. Communication has an impact whenever it occurs – we can use communication to influence every interaction in a positive way, by developing the skills needed to communicate effectively.

We will be discussing the following:
• Conflict resolution
• Different Personalities
• Tips on coping with different personalities
• Think Win Win

Managing Conflict at Workplace [1 – 2hrs]

It is said that when there are 2 persons working or living together, there will be conflict. This is because different people view things differently and thus behaves differently. When people cannot get along in the workplace, it will lead to poor efficiency and productivity, and high staff turnover. The aim of this talk is to understand the different types of personalities in the workplace and how to get along with them. A better understanding of each other personality will not only reduce conflict but also bolster teamwork and increase productivity, making the workplace a fun place.

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