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All you need to know about Nagomi Pastel Art

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What is Nagomi?

Comprising of the Japanese word for peace, Nagomi Pastel Art is known for its therapeutic and calming effect on people. This simple art form is available to people of all ages and does not require you to be artistically talented or experienced in any way.

What is the craft like?

If you appreciate soft, translucent, pastel colours, Nagomi Pastel Art is for you! Unlike in drawing/painting where instruments like pens and brushes are used, one who engages in Nagomi Pastel Art merely uses his or her fingers to apply a coloured pastel powder of choice to art paper in a circular motion. The longer one applies force on a selected area, with more powder applied, the darker the shade of the chosen colour.

Blending two or more colours together will produce a gradient effect that Nagomi Pastel Art is well known for.

How to do it?

Watch this video here to find out what Soft Pastel Art looks like.
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Want to get a hands-on experience?

Find out more at our Spring Blooms Japanese Nagomi Art Workshop open to anyone aged 12 & above!