Lifestyle (with baking)

Looking beyond workshops and programmes for families and seniors?
Check out the lifestyle offers our service network provide!


Food Kiosk

Find homecooked food at affordable prices in this gem hidden in the heart of Yew Tee.

Enjoy a dish in the comfort of our air-conditioned cafe, endearingly prepared by our in-house cook. No mess from cooking or stress from deciding what to eat.

Let us surprise you!


Baking Classes, Goodies & Facilities

At Sunshine Bakery, you can join a baking class to pick up a tasty recipe, book our elegant cooking studio or bring home a delicious homemade treat!

Come join us to bake with love!


TCM Clinic

Our very own Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic birthed from our interest in making TCM accessible to the seniors in the community.

A collaboration with TCM Homecare Services, we are a certified TCM clinic with highly qualified physicians serving all ages.


The Arts Marketplace

Proud of your craft and confident to sell it?
Love art products and wish to get a gift that is one-in-the-world?

Partner with us as a artist or support our local artists by shopping for a gift!