Together Forever – Online

*Rebate is applicable to all soon-to-wed and newly wed couple(s) attending marriage preparation programme for the first time. Either one of the spouses must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

In this workshop, these are the topics we cover in –

Module A: the core foundations of a stable and healthy marriage such as effective Communication and Conflict Recovery skills, Role Relationship and Expectations, and In-law Relationship

Module B: Family of Origin, Financial Planning, Sexual Intimacy and Family Planning/Fertility Awareness

You may be eligible for Government Rebate of $70 after you complete a full 10-hours with Together Forever (Both Module A and B)

Join us and be well prepared for your marriage!


Who should attend? Suitable for all committed couples, especially the soon-to-weds and newlyweds who prefer a shorter programme.

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