Secondary & Post-Sec School Programmes

Programme Duration: 1 – 2 hours
*includes interactive discussions, bonding activities, available onsite and online

  • Parenting Programmes for Parents with Teens (13–20yrs)

  • Family Life & Bonding Programmes

  • Personal Work Life Effectiveness Programmes for Educators, Staff

Transition to Secondary School [1 – 2 hrs] *Highly Recommended*

Starting secondary school is a milestone for the family. This seminar will empower you with useful strategies and practical support to help you and your pre-teen adjust to the new roles and expectations. Discover the differences between primary and secondary school.

Learn practical tips to guide your teen to become more independent and responsible for his academic work and CCAs.

Cyber-wellness Tips for Parents – Strategies to Engage a Tech Savvy Gen. Z [1.5hrs] *Highly Recommended*

Technology has changed the way we play, socialise and interact with each other. How much screen time is appropriate for our Teens? Find out what are the latest trends in social media and how we can engage them despite digital distractions (Eyal & Li, 2019) and coach them to deal with the hidden dangers of “chat groups?”

Learn how to set realistic and reasonable boundaries on their use of devices. Help them understand the science behind multi-tasking and how to maintain a healthy self-concept in the face of deal cyberbullying or rejection.

Game On! Taking Hold of Your Child’s Online and Video Gaming [2hrs] *Highly Recommended* – for parent + child

A 2019 worldwide survey showed that Singaporeans was rated first in spending the most time playing video games compared with other gamers in Asia. Globally, we were rated third coming behind United States and Germany. Indeed, video and online gaming have evolved to be a mainstream popular activity for leisure and bonding. Game design and competitive gaming or Esports are now lucrative industries where many children, adolescents and young adults aspire to develop their careers in. Yet, the reality for many parents is that they view online and video gaming as a bane rather than a boon. They struggle to manage their children and adolescents gaming behaviours. They utter in frustration that their children and adolescents are addicted! This webinar hopes to enlighten and empower parents through the personal gaming as well as cyber wellness counselling and mentoring experiences of the speaker.

Through this workshop, parents will level up by

  1. gaining understanding of the motivations behind online and video gaming,

  2. understanding the trends and development in online and video gaming,

  3. learning practical handlers to manage their adolescents’ gaming behaviors

Parenting for GRIT [1.5 – 2hrs]

Success in life is about showing up and not giving up. According to Harvard psychologist William James, “the human individual lives usually far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.” So, what can parents do to encourage GRIT (Duckworth, 2016) in their teen?

Find out if there is a trade-off between supportive parenting and demanding parenting and how we can nurture our teens so they will be able to bounce back whenever they experience frustrations and setbacks. How can parents encourage grit without obliterating their teen’s capacity to choose their own path?

IQ, EQ & AQ for Your Teen [3.5hrs]

The typical Singaporean parent always focuses on academic performance in their children, believing that it is the key to future success in life. However, it takes more than IQ to be successful in life. It takes IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient).

In this workshop, parents will learn how to train and equip their children in all these areas to ensure their ultimate success in life.

Motivating Your Teen to Succeed [1.5 – 2hrs]

Every child is unique and develops differently. Understand how your child’s emerging personality preferences and learning styles influence the way they learn.

Discover practical skills that you can use to bring out the best in them and motivate them to succeed in whatever they set out to accomplish.

7 Tips to Coach Your Teen to Make Decisions [1.5 – 2hrs]

Teenage years is a transition period into adulthood where they must make many decisions regarding their choice of friends, subjects and even moral decisions.

Using principles from cognitive behavioural and psychotherapy, parents will learn how to apply their understanding of how brain works to coach their teens to make decisions.

How to Help Your Teen Cope with Exam Stress [1.5 – 2hrs]

Facing examinations can sometimes be daunting for both students and parents. The pressure to excel continually often carries with it associated stresses and anxieties. These realities, if not managed effectively, can be overwhelming and become hindrances for academic success.

This workshop will enable the parents to learn practical tools to empower their children to better handle stresses of examinations. Tips of effective time management and learning styles will be discussed to provide a holistic overview.

Transition to Junior College/ ITE/ Polytechnic [1 – 2hrs]

Young Adulthood is the transition from adolescences to adulthood, a period during which an individual acquires the skills necessary to survive on his/her own away from their parents or other caregivers.

Find out how you can help your child in understanding this transition from secondary school to tertiary institutions. The speaker will talk on parenting strategies on helping your child to cope with the changes.

*Also available in Mandarin and Tamil

Peer Pressure: Its Influence on Teens and Decision Making [1 – 2hrs]

Peer influence is not always bad. Teens can be influenced by their peers, both negatively and positively. As they spend more time away from their family, their peers will play a greater role in influencing their choices. Sometimes, in emotional situations, peer influence can be hard to resist, and it became “pressure” where they feel compelled to do something which they may be uncomfortable with.

This workshop will help parents understand the changing role they play and how they can continue to create a space where they can positively influence their teens and support them in decision making.

Strengthening our Teen’s Emotional Resilience [1 – 2hrs]

Setbacks, problems and failures are an inevitable part of life. As your teen matures and takes on more challenges, they will experience more setbacks. Learn about the traits of a resilient teen and how to guide them to recover, adapt and keep going in the face of setbacks and failures.

10 Ways to Help Your Teen be Assertive [1.5 – 2hrs]

Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. it is a learnable skill and mode of communication. Assertiveness implies acting in a confident manner. It is important for teens to be assertive, so that they can express their thoughts and feelings effectively. Increasing your teen’s assertiveness will teach them how to stand up for themselves when confronted with bullying.

The Five Love Languages of Teens [1 – 2hrs]

You know you love your child, but do they know this? How to speak your teen’s love language in a way that they understand? Discover what is your teen’s love language.

Use it to assist your teen in successful learning, correct and discipline more effectively. Most importantly, help your teen develop secure attachment with you and establish a foundation of unconditional love.

Empowering Conversations with your Teens – the Solution Focused Approach [2hrs]

In this solution focused approach, parents will process together on how we can be the best communicator in the life of our teens!

Topics include:

  • Applying the “half filled” and not “half empty” mindset; Becoming a solution detective in deal with life challenges

  • Asking empowering questions

  • Facilitate a “problem-free” talk

  • Spotting the efforts and resilience

  • Amplifying and acknowledging the “greatness” in the heart of our teens.

How to Talk so your Teen will Listen [1.5 – 2hrs]

Is communicating with your teen becoming more and more of a challenge these days? Take heart – you are not alone! Often times, such tensions arise due to the difference in personalities and perspective between parent and teen. In this workshop, you will be given opportunities to reflect and analyse your communication preferences. You will also identify self-defeating strategies in communication and will be equipped with new paradigms for understanding and relating to your teen.

How to Talk to your Teens about Sex and Gender Identity [1 – 2hrs]

Research tells us that kids who have regular conversations with their parents and caregivers about sex, gender identify, and relationships are less likely to take risks with their sexual health, and more likely to be healthy and safe. So, it’s never too early and it’s never too late to start talking with your teens about sex and relationships.

Learn how you can keep the conversation age-appropriate, what to talk about and essential tips (Amie & Murray, 2017) to have a value-based conversation with your child.

Art & Science of Family Bonding [1hr/3hrs with bonding activity]

In this fast-paced society with mostly dual income families, it is an increasing challenge to build strong families. There are always competing demands and by the time we reach home, we are tired and stressed out. So, how can we bond with our family despite these challenges?

In this talk, we will spend time discovering the road map and practical tips for family bonding. (Kaplan & Cassidy, 1985)

(*this course can be paired with activities such as “Bake and Bond, Build A Bear, Terrarium, Sandwich Making”, material fee applicable)

Parent-Child Bonding through Fun with Nagomi Art [1.5hrs]

Create beautiful Nagomi artwork with your partner or child using only pastels, your fingers and a little imagination. Afterwards, sit back and learn how to strengthen family relationships through creating shared memories.

Build Supportive Family Relationships [1.5hrs] – for parent + child

The “new normal”, has brought families closer together as we WFH. With this came the challenges of “too close for comfort”, which can put a strain on family relationships. Strengthening our relationships is key to keeping the family together through tough times. Join us for this session and discover how we can do just that with our loved ones.

“Sorry Not Enough”- The 5 Languages of Apology [1.5 – 2hrs]

Ever wondered why a simple apology is not sufficient for those who have been hurt or offended?

This seminar explains the cycle of unreconciled relationships and what it takes to reconcile the important relationships in your life. Learn about the five different languages of apology and find out how you can repair and restore fragmented relationships in your life.

Building Harmonious Intergenerational Relationships [1 – 2hrs]

The Chinese has an old saying, “家和万事兴”, which can be translated as “a harmonious family brings about prosperity for the family”. Even though it is an age-old adage, this saying is especially true in our modern Singapore with an ageing population. This workshop discusses (i) the common issues faced by families; (ii) how relationships work at a deeper level; (iv) and finding a BRIDGE to prevent and manage these issues.

Nurturing your Inner Life [1.5 – 2hrs]

When our inner lives are off balance, we are more vulnerable to stress. Inner Life is the realm of our thoughts, values, emotions, fantasies, spiritual practices and life purpose. It affects our psychological, mental and physical health. When we lose the capacity to regulate, channel and focus our energies our personal relationships can suffer. In this talk, learn the effects of needs and expectations and how to break the negative cycle of feelings, perceptions and actions and work towards a congruent self.

Positive Psychology: the Science of Happiness [1 – 2hrs]

This talk aims to raise participants’ awareness of positive psychology activities (PPA) that increases personal well-being and understanding of how they can achieve better work-life flow through practicing PPA. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. PPA are activities that increase well-being by promoting positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Systematic reviews have shown PPA to be effective in reducing depressive symptoms and increasing well-being, compared to non-intervention controls. The talk will introduce participants to a few simple PPA that they can self-practice to increase their well-being and attain better work-life flow.

Building Personal Margins [1.5 – 2hrs]

In today’s world of instant access to information, incessant streaming of entertainment, proliferation of mobile devices and wireless network and 24 x 7 communication, we are in danger of being too busy. The world is demanding more and more of us but there is only one of us. Our bosses expect us to maximize our “talents”, and our family is getting the shorter end of our time and energy. We are overloaded. What we need is margin. In this program, we will learn what is Margin and the impact of a margin-less life, and cultivate 4 Margins in our lives – Emotional Energy, Physical Energy, Time, Finances.

Get Your Jenga On – Personal Work-life [1 – 2hrs]

In our current world, where COVID-19 has struck us, the balance between work and life is intermesh. Boundaries have been broken and most of us are confused in living the new norm. Let’s explore why work-life balance is important, the negative effects if its not achieved and what you can do, to achieve a clearer work-life balance and a better you.

Keys to Emotional Resilience [1 – 2hrs]

How you feel can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, your relationships, and your overall mental health. How you react to your experiences and feelings can change over time. Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. This talk enables participants to become more aware of their emotional wellbeing needs and develop key skills to promote emotional well-being and provide basic support to someone who is down.

Beating Burnout [1 – 2hrs]

Do you feel that you need a good holiday break away from work? Do you feel overload with work? Do you think about work at home or do think about home at work? Do feel like your battery is running low and need charging? If you answered yes, you are like everyone else, any job can be stressful at time, even if you love what you do. On top of work, home and life can be stressful too, parenting kids, caring for elderly parents, etc. Stress may be good in motivating us to perform better but prolonged or excessive stress can lead to burnout. This talk we will explore practical tips to deal with stressful situation.

Communication – Your Way to A Better Workplace [1 – 2hrs]

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Effective communication is the key to get you to where you want to be in your life. Communication is an essential skill for successful business and personal relationships. ‘Man is not an island’ – communication has the power to destroy, or build relationships. Communication has an impact whenever it occurs – we can use communication to influence every interaction in a positive way, by developing the skills needed to communicate effectively. We will be discussing the following:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Different Personalities

  • Tips on coping with different personalities

  • Think Win Win

Managing Conflict at Workplace [1 – 2hrs]

It is said that when there are 2 persons working or living together, there will be conflict. This is because different people view things differently and thus behaves differently. When people cannot get along in the workplace, it will lead to poor efficiency and productivity, and high staff turnover.
The aim of this talk is to help the worker understand the different type of personality in the workplace and how to get along with them. A better understanding of each other personality will not only reduce conflict but also bolster teamwork and increase productivity, making the workplace a fun place.