Tailored Marriage Preparation Programme

Contact staff to arrange your available dates

This is a customised programme to suit each couple’s needs. Couples meet with our counsellor for a 1-to-1 session to discuss and explore relevant topics specific to each couple.

Prior to your session, each of you will participate in an online PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment tool. This personalized assessment provides each couple with a clear view of your relationship while our counsellor dives deep into the tool to work on important subjects.

The PREPARE/ENRICH profiling shares insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality and family systems. This will help couples to know where to begin in developing relationship skills.

Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Communication

  • Personal Stress Profile

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Financial Management

  • Leisure Activities

  • Sex & affection

  • Relationship Roles

  • Marriage Expectations

  • Couple and Family Maps

  • Setting Goals

  • Exploring Strength & growth areas

Reach out to us at https://go.fycs.org/TMPPsignup and we’ll link you with counsellor and set a date that suits your schedule!

Who should attend? Suitable for all committed couples at their different phase of love life, especially for those who feel more comfortable with individual sessions or would like to discuss more intimate issues.