Children of Divorce Intervention Programme (CODIP)

2 hours per session. 6 sessions in total.

Dates for children aged 9-12 to be advised.

Divorce brings with it a whole lot of complex emotions for parents, more so for their children, who are likely to find it difficult to make sense of the losses and changes within the family.  When parents are themselves grappling with the enormous pain and stresses of the end of a marriage, it is challenging for them to attend to their children’s emotions. Sensing the tension at home, some children may not feel safe sharing their feelings with their parents.  Support resources from schools or social service agencies will come in helpful in supporting children through their transition.

The Children of Divorce Intervention Programme (CODIP) first developed in 1982 in the U.S, is ‘based on an awareness of the stresses that parental divorce poses for children and a belief that divorce does not inevitably have to mean long-term trauma for children.’ (Pedro-Caroll, 1987).

CODIP is a 6-session evidence-based preventive group programme conducted separately for children (7-8yrs) and Children (9-12yrs).  The programme aims to support children cope with challenging family changes. Children will explore thoughts and feelings related to their parents’ divorce; and learn skills to manage divorce related problems.  The group size per run will be kept at a maximum of 10. It consists of 1 introductory session for parents and 6 two hourly sessions for children that run weekly.

CODIP focuses on:

– providing a safe platform for children to express and understand their feelings related to parents’ divorce.

– promoting understanding about divorce and address common misconceptions children often have about divorce.

– helping children acquire coping skills to manage their feelings and problem-solving skills.

– enhancing children’s perception of self and their families.