Children in Between Programme (for Parents)

4 hours over 2 sessions

Divorce is a difficult time for the family.  Divorce introduces huge changes into the lives of most children: direct or indirect involvement with parental conflicts, changes in where they live and sometimes where they school, changes in parental-child relationships because of reduced parental contacts, parental authority. Divorce is a great loss for most children. The centre of their world – their family- is torn apart. They are often caught in an emotional roller coaster.  They may experience a range of emotions such as sadness, denial, anger and even self-blame.  Research shows divorce increases the risk for emotional, psychological, social and academic amongst children. This is a legitimate concern for children, parents and the community.

The Children in Between (CIB) is a skills-based programme that helps families deal with the children’s reactions to divorce. It aims at helping divorced/divorcing parents co-parent effectively and build resilience in their children.

CIB for Parents is a 2-session groupwork programme with videos and discussions where parents will learn knowledge of the impact of divorce on children, gain awareness of emotions related to divorce, and skills to manage the effects on divorce on children.

Topics include:

  • How children are affected when caught in the middle of their parents’ conflicts

  • Different Issues faced by children such as Long-Distance Parenting

  • Practical co-parenting skills

  • Self-Care