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Conversation Starters with Elderly Parents

Image of Conversation Starters with Elderly Parents

Have you wondered how elderly parents are coping with COVID-19?  With safe management measures in place, sights and sounds that we are familiar with were brought to a startling halt. The same group of gentlemen laughing together and chatting animatedly over a game of chess at our void decks have vanished. Familiar silhouettes of ladies moving their hips and arms in sync to the music at our neighbourhood playground in the wee hours of the morning were no longer seen. Like most people, seniors fall into patterns of daily living. Would they feel frustrated because they are forced to change their daily routines?

According to the Department of Statistics, in 2016, 47,000 seniors aged 65 and above live alone. Additionally, the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Study in 2012 found that seniors living alone were twice as likely to develop depressive symptoms as a result of loneliness. With the COVID-19 situation, I believe that many have taken to calling to their elderly parents and grandparents regularly to check on them.  However, how do we go beyond hellos and have you eaten to ensure they do not feel lonely?

Below are some tips on how you can maintain your connections with elderly parents:

Written by Rachel Thng, Programme Executive, Fei Yue Community Service

Edited and Infographics by Kimberly Tan


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