Prevention and Relationship Education Programme (ONLINE EPREP)

What is ePREP?

ePREP is an online evidence-based marriage preparation programme which is based on 40 years of research. It aims to help soon-to-wed and newlywed couples to

  • Improve communication and problem-solving skills

  • Attain higher relationship satisfaction

  • Develop better conflict resolution skills

Research shows that couples who attended PREP have reported a higher level of positive communication, interaction and relationship quality, emotional bonding, and marital adjustments.

Course Contents:

Through the various topics include communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, sensuality, problem-solving, couples can create a strong relationship that will safeguard themselves against the inevitable strains of modern life.


  • One of the spouses must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident

  • Groom – at least 25 years and above

  • Bride – at least 21 years and above

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