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The Arts Market (TAM) is Singapore's first arts education centre for seniors. It offers a variety of exciting courses and learning opportunities in music, visual arts, creative arts, theatre and new arts Through TAM, we hope seniors can take on a new found or dormant interest, which may not have been fulfilled given the lack of opportunities previously.


We offer a holistic education through our E3 approach of Experience, Extend and Excel. Through TAM, we hope seniors' lives can be enriched through arts and eventually use their talents to benefit the community. We are also proud to announce that our drawing and painting classes are supported by Faber-Castell products, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality products for writing, drawing, colouring and creative design.


Arts Experience & Extend
A range of art courses in various forms is offered to seniors to broaden their experiences. To develop seniors’ areas of interests further, intermediate courses will be introduced as an extension to meet their needs.

• Visual Arts - Drawing, Painting, Photography, Craft, Sculpturing, Mixed Media and Flora Arrangement
• Music - Keyboard appreciation, Ukulele and Vocal
• Theatre - Chinese Opera, Playback Theatre and Drama
• New Art - Fingerprint Art, Upcycling and Other Innovative Art Ideas and Techniques
• Creative Art - A mix of 2 or more different art forms

Arts Excel
Seniors can excel by using their artistic skills to benefit the community through public projects. This can further enhance their teamwork and interpersonal skills. Experiential learning will be organised periodically to accelerate learning and produces demonstrable mindset changes.

• Public Projects - Include performance, exhibition and art activities
• Experiential Learning - Include art excursions and experience new art

Available Courses:

Visual Arts:
Admire I (Drawing) - Full
Admire II (Colouring)
Admire III (Watercolour Painting)
Cartooning With Shapes I
Cartooning With Shapes II
Chinese Ink Painting I - Full
Chinese Ink Painting II
Chinese Ink Painting III
Making Harmony With Harmonica
The Art Of Everyday Printing

Dance With Ukulele I (Mar & Apr)
Dance With Ukulele I (May & Jun)
Dance With Ukulele II
Keyboard Appreciation Class I - Full
Keyboard Appreciation Class II

戏剧表演 1 (乐龄艺术修养)
戏剧表演 2 (乐龄艺术修养)
戏曲基本功 1
戏曲基本功 2

New Art:
Currently unavailable

Creative Art:
Currently unavailable